Initial Pedagogical Training for Trainers


The Initial Pedagogical Training for Trainers aims to provide participants with tools and skills to pursue the trainers’ activity. Allows to obtain an PAC Pedagogical Aptitude Certificate. This course allows you to: define the trainer’s role on the specific context in which training is developed; define the desirable skills profile; prepare, develop and evaluate training sessions; selecting and applying techniques, and teaching the most appropriate methods to the objectives defined for training, self-assess performance with the aim to achieve the desired competence profile.


Theoretical and practical training

Duration: 90 hours

Prerequisites: No prerequisites apply to attend this course


  • Prepare training methods to the new requirements in the training field;

  • Develop tools and technical and pedagogical skills that provide the session plans development;

  • Organize, plan and animate training sessions using basic rules of communication and pedagogy;

  • Develop appropriate pedagogical relationship;

  • Mastering the audiovisual as training support;

  • Apply evaluating, recognizing and creating their instruments;

  • Modify the pedagogical behavior using self-assessment.

  • Trainers without pedagogical training;

  • Technical experts who need to provide training;

  • Technical Training or guardians;

  • Consultants Human Resources;

  • All seeking IEFP Ability Trainer Certification.



  • Trainer: System, Contexts and Profile;

  • Trainer: Contexts of Intervention;

  • Learning, Creativity and Entrepreneurship;

  • Initial Pedagogical Simulation;

  • Preparation and Implementation of Simulations;

  • Improvement’s analysis and Project;

  • Communication and Dynamics of Groups in Training;

  • Relational Behavior and Communication;

  • Training’s context on Diversity;

  • Pedagogical Strategies and Methodologies;

  • Methods and Pedagogical Techniques;

  • Teaching and Learning Inclusive and Differentiated;

  • Operational Training: Plan to Action;

  • Skills and Operational Gals;

  • Design Process Training and Learning;

  • Didactic Resources and Multimedia;

  • Exploration of Teaching Materials;

  • Building Multimedia Presentations;

  • Collaborative Learning Platforms;

  • Platforms: Purposes and Functions;

  • Virtual Learning Communities;

  • Evaluation of Training and Apprenticeships;

  • Evaluation: Quantitative and Qualitative;

  • Evaluation: Training the Work Context;

  • Pedagogical Simulation Final;

  • Preparation and Implementation of Simulations;

  • Analysis and Forecasting Technical - Pedagogical.


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